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Dallas Tanner to re-release 9.11 World Trade Center Tribute Concert on DVD

(I-Newswire) - Concert Producer/TV Director Dallas Tanner announced that his production company will release a special commerative DVD concert in time for the 5th year memory of the US national tragedy of "9.11". Dallas Tanner produced a special concert in Las Vegas weeks after the 9.11 tragedy which featured performances by national musicians ,Las Vegas Headliners, and civic and religious leaders in a patriotic concert called "One Nation Under God". The  concert was one of many national televised concerts and tributes which featured America's top musicians as they came together to pay tribute to the fallen heroes of 9.11. In 2002, Dallas Tanner was invited to appear and replay the concert on wide screen television sets at a "9.11" commerative event held at the Richard Nixon Library in Yorba Linda, CA. Copies of the program were also delivered to the White House in 2002. The original concert got great reviews on many media outlets and television shows and was heralded as a "touching event filled with standing ovations and many warm tears".

While the collapsed world trade center was still smoldering in 2001, promoter/producer  Dallas Tanner arranged to have 22 Firefighters flown in to the  concert directly  from the World Trade Center and the heroic firefighters lined the front rows of the concert and were invited to speak for the first time about their feelings about the tragedy. Music featured at the live concert held in Las Vegas in 2001 included emotional performances by Las Vegas Headliner Clint Holmes, Nashville Recording star Natalie Grant, and a taped release of the very fitting performance by Enrique Iglesias's with the hit song "Hero". US Senator John Ensign also provided a  very moving statement for the original broadcast. The patriotic tribute concert was titled "One Nation Under God" and was produced and directed by Hollywood TV director Dallas Tanner.

The director Dallas Tanner remembers the event well and wants to make sure the country does not forget this tragedy as well..." the event was one we all will not forget, I dont think that there was a dry eye in the place, it was without a doubt the most important and gratifying event I have ever produced and when the heroic firefighters from the world trade center were brought to the stage, their ovation lasted for well over 5 minutes". The DVD will be reproduced with new interviews with firefighters from the World Trade center tragedy, as well as as reflections by top musicians, and government leaders in America. The not for profit DVD will be available for sale on and through book stores and music stores by Summer, 2006.

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